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An Online Medical Marketplace That Puts You In Direct Contact With Manufacturers And Suppliers

BeatMed is your one stop shop for all your medical procurement needs.

More than 150,000 products available in store

Get in direct contact with medical manufacturers

Complete price transparency and affordability

Improved product insights flexibility and recognition

We bring your entire medical supplies world in one powerful online store designed especially for patients and their carers, clinics and medical supplies traders.

BeatMed is about connecting you with your trusted manufacturers

BeatMed was founded in 2014 when a need was felt for an online store that would transform how medical products are sold in the US. Patients, carers and even SMEs needed a transparent marketplace where they could go and place orders without extra fees.

What we’ve learned is that people are looking for a place to ask questions and get relevant, useful answers. BeatMed supports transparency and open communication.

This is why today you can place an order on BeatMed or contact the medical manufacturers with any questions you might have AND get answers.

We are committed to allowing you to interact with manufacturers, therefore we have implemented a range of solutions to enable you to do just that: custom pack builders, Q&A, direct messaging, on-site customer service, and a special service that enables you to source your products before sunrise.

The BeatMed Team

BeatMed was started by three dedicated professionals, each of them having more than 15 years experience in the healthcare industry. Their vision was to make medical purchasing accessible to everyone through the power of the internet.

Through BeatMed, they have managed to help both buyers and manufacturers reduce costs on medical purchases and maximize customer satisfaction.

BeatMed brings together a global team of experts in healthcare, marketing, customer service and software development that is dedicated to revolutionizing all aspects of online medical purchasing.

Have a question? Let’s get in touch

BeatMed is all about open communication. So if you are in the healthcare business - patient, carer, provider, manufacturer, supplier - and have any questions, contact us now.

You can contact our CEO Oren Gavriely directly at oren@beatmed.com or get in touch with one of our experienced customer service representatives.

We have real people reading your messages who are thirsty for your feedback and thoughts. Tell us what you need and we will help you find a solution in the shortest amount of time.

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