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At we positively encourage sharing the information available on the website. Feel free to quote BeatMed, share links to articles and interviews that you find interesting on the website, or share any other information from our website using proper attribution.

This way you can initiate meaningful discussions with friends, family, work colleagues, and educate other people about online ordering of medical supplies, digital health advancements, and home care guidelines.

Linking to a page

Feel free to link to one of the articles or products on BeatMed through any means, but we suggest using the title of the page/article as the link title.


You can see all our blogs' titles and content if you go to the BeatMed Blog: simply copy and paste the article's title in your article and then hyperlink to the article's URL as a source.



When sharing on social media

Copy and paste the URL of the article/page on your social media profile wall.


You can copy and paste the URL of an article on your social media wall (Facebook, in this example) and a preview will appear almost instantly. You can also reshare articles from our social media pages, look us up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.



Sharing from BeatMed's Facebook Page

You can simply hit the Share button on any of the content BeatMed shares on Facebook. You can also embed BeatMed posts on your website using the embedding feature from Facebook.

Whenever you embed a social post from BeatMed to your website, you can notify our marketing team either via email or via social mentions. We usually share articles that contain embed posts from BeatMed, but we reserve the right not to do this if we consider the content is inappropriate for our audience.

This is a practical example of how you can share BeatMed's graphics on your Page or Profile on Facebook. Do the same for all the other social media profiles.

Sharing on Twitter

If you want to share the BeatMed blog knowledge on Twitter, it is good to know that each of our articles has at least one Tweetable that you can easily share with just one click.

We are actively working on adding social media sharing buttons to our product pages and blog posts to make it easy for you to share the content you love.

Every article we post on BeatMed has at least one Tweetable. If you like the tweet, simply click on the (tweet this) link to share it on Twitter.

Copying an entire article to your personal or business website

We do not encourage you to copy either of our articles to a third party website, regardless of the scope.

If, however, you do wish to post a BeatMed article on your website, we can provide you with an article rewrite. This way, the content on both websites will be unique, yet the essence of both articles will be the same.

If you want to request an article rewrite, please contact Marieta Murg, our Marketing Department colleague, at

*BeatMed reserves its right to include a link back to one of our website’s pages in every article rewrite you will publish on your website. The backlink can appear at the end of the article as a Resource, or it can appear within the article as a backlink to a product, offer, or any other page that is relevant and useful to the readers.


Using a quote from

Copy the quote from and cite the article name as your source:

  • “How long does it take for healthcare organizations to put their ideas into actions? While there are a lot of disruptive health startups, very few of them ‘make it’ in the real world,suggests BeatMed in a recent interview entitled “A Solution To Speeding Up the Innovation Process in Healthcare (with Bruce Brandes)”

You can also add a citation in your article References:



Using the BeatMed Logo & About Company on your website


To use the BeatMed logo on your website you must be a BeatMed affiliate or other official representative of the business. Any use of the BeatMed logo on another website (news, press releases, interviews etc.) will require direct approval from BeatMed representatives.


You can download the BeatMed logo at the following link : Color logo.

For more information on using the BeatMed logo on your website please contact our Brand Manager Oren Gavriely at


About BeatMed

If you want to promote BeatMed on your website (either as an affiliate, referral, media, publisher etc.) use the following snippet about the company:

About BeatMed is a free medical market for both vendors and ASCs.

It provides the environment where manufacturers can sell directly to surgery centers, thus removing the pharma companies

and sales representatives from the purchasing process. enables customers

to find the best medical supplies at affordable prices, while at the same time

inviting suppliers to do business in a free market.



Citing BeatMed CEO Oren Gavriely and using his profile picture

BeatMed CEO Oren Gavriely is open to being interviewed on featured on industry websites and publications on topics that include:

  1. Digital healthcare
  2. Medical device industry
  3. Medical supplies management
  4. Healthcare sales
  5. Online marketing
  6. Peace through technology

If you have interviewed Oren and want to publish the interview featuring his profile picture, please use the photo below (click on the photo, then save to computer):


You can add a brief biography section about Oren outlining his experience:

About Oren Gavriely

Oren Gavirley is the founder and CEO of, an online marketplace where medical manufacturers get in direct contact with clients (clinics, ambulatories, surgery centers, and traders). Oren is a prolific inventor credited with five medical device technologies and vast experience with healthcare professionals. He established HemaClear as the gold standard of care in orthopedic surgery. He also co-founded ETVIEW (ETVW:TA), a device company developing airway management solutions, and helped found MooNa: Space for Change, a culturally rooted social venture.

Read more about BeatMed

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