BeatMed Community Benefits

Until today, most members of the medical profession have relied on clinical studies and journals to inform them about the latest medical supply products available.

Today we know that this is not enough – there is a wealth of information out there, but it’s not just in the journals. It’s in each one of you.

BeatMed is all about transparency and open communication

As soon as you join BeatMed you become part of our ever growing community: sharing ideas, asking questions and giving answers. You become more than a customer, more than a supplier – you become part of a global community where knowledge and information are shared on a daily basis through:

  • Reviews
  • Manufacturer Q&A
  • Live chat

An open marketplace. Open for all.

The thing that sets BeatMed apart from any other online store is our dedication to support an open marketplace. We practice what we preach, this is why we are often told that our customer service is second to none, and clients trust us with their purchasing decisions time and time again.

Our users hail from all areas of the medical supply field: patients, carers, doctors, nurses, engineers, medical supply manufacturers, administrators and private individuals – each with their range of knowledge and understanding of the field and the products available today.

By trying out new BeatMed products and sharing your feedback, or rating the products you already use, you add your knowledge to the combined wisdom of our community. You enable people everywhere to make the best possible decision about their future purchases.

Likewise, before spending hard-earned money on your next purchase, your fellow BeatMed community members can enable you to choose wisely and economically.

This is your community

Enjoy its benefits, share your own experiences here and take advantage of what others have to offer.

Together, we are revolutionizing the field of healthcare, and enabling each one of us to make informed purchasing decisions.

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