What is BeatMed?

BeatMed is the medical supply platform that the US medical industry has been missing.

BeatMed is a personalized purchasing service and online medical supply marketplace for all your home recovery needs:

  • The platform enables suppliers and manufacturers direct access to a vast global network of new clients.

  • At the same time, BeatMed offers patients, carers and medical professionals an environment where they can order directly from suppliers and manufacturers.

BeatMed exists at the intersection of transparency, experience, price and selection. Read more about BeatMed here.

What does BeatMed sell?

On BeatMed.com you can find popular pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and custom procedure packs and software products for healthcare. The BeatMed.com inventory has over 150,000 items for all different medical fields.

Products are organized in Categories, an easy way to find what you are looking for fast, regardless of whether you are a patient recovering at home, a home carer or a medical professional.

If you need assistance sourcing a specific product, our Customer Care representatives promise to give you a solution before sunrise.

Who is BeatMed for?

You should use BeatMed.com if you are a patient, carer or medical professional interested in helping your healthcare organization save money on medical supplies.

BeatMed is working to change the way we experience medical supplies, with the following groups in mind:

  • Patients

  • Carers

  • Parents

  • Single or multi-specialty ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs)

  • Single or multi-specialty professional practices

  • Occupational Health and Urgent Care Centers

  • Independent, county, and district hospitals

Important: In order to purchase pharmaceuticals, a DEA License must be provided.

Does BeatMed supply nationally throughout the US?

Yes, BeatMed supplies nationally throughout the US. We also manage international shipments for large/bulk orders.

How do you set the prices?

Think about BeatMed as a live market, a fair: BeatMed is the location of the market, and our suppliers are the ones selling at the market/fair. They show you their products, invite you to sample them, and decide the pricing.

BeatMed does not have its own prices for products. The suppliers set the prices. We encourage a free and transparent market for medical products, but we do not interfere with the pricing requested by our suppliers.

We encourage all our suppliers to practice low pricing, but one of our core principals is running a free market. Therefore, we leave it with our suppliers to decide the correct price for their products, and these prices are usually noticeably lower than anything you will find on the market.


What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 48 hours, unless otherwise specified. BeatMed delivers from its suppliers, therefore shipping time may vary. Nonetheless, we keep a detailed evidence of all orders and you can check the status of your order at any time on your account.

Please be advised that backlogged products may take longer to deliver.

What are the delivery and shipping fees?

We are doing our best to maintain a low-cost, high-quality standard throughout the entire list of services we provide. Therefore, we calculate the delivery or shipping fee according to the size of your order.

However, we are able to offer shipping for most orders at only $19.95 - feel free to contact us if you need additional details.

What if I am not satisfied? Can I return my product?

Yes, you may return your product within 90 days. You must obtain a return merchandise authorization (AGA) from our customer service department.


Can I search for products on BeatMed?

Definitely! You don't even have to be a member to do so. Just type the name of the products you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the home page.

How can I see if an item is in stock?

Every item’s description shows whether that item is In Stock. It is always better to drop us a line in case the item is out of stock, as we are able to tell you exactly when we can deliver it to you.

Do you offer special deals?

Special deals are available through our custom campaigns. However, we might have something in store for you if you are a repeat customer, or if you want to place a bulk order. Just contact one of our team members to discuss your needs.

Can I submit a product request?

You may submit products requests through our contact form. Our dedicated team will go out and try to find the product at the best price available. You also benefit from our special service where our Customer Care representatives promise to come back to you with a solution before sunrise (meaning less than 24 hours).

Of course, once new products are uploaded to the website, everyone can enjoy them.

While we strive to make sure every customer is 100% happy, there are some items we cannot take back under certain circumstances. You can read our full return policy here.

Can I set up multiple users?

Yes, you can set up multiple users to deal with your medical products database. The platform that BeatMed is based on uses the latest technology, enabling us to deal with small and large groups of clients.


How can I become a supplier?

Registering with BeatMed is free. If you are a medical manufacturer or supplier, BeatMed provides you with a free avenue to market your products to an extended audience.

Go to this link to learn more about the immediate benefits of becoming a BeatMed supplier, as well as the benefits of marketing your business with BeatMed.

What is a Premium Manufacturer?

A Premium Manufacturer is a manufacturer that enjoys a “special treatment” on BeatMed.com. While signing up as a supplier or manufacturer is free, we also offer a paid plan - unmissable for anyone who wants to sell more online.

Once you become a premium manufacturer, you get infinitely more exposure to potential leads, insurance plans, assistance with your business growth and dedicated digital marketing plans to promote your products online.

You can learn more about becoming a Premium Manufacturer here.

If you are interested in becoming a premium manufacturer simply contact us and one of our representatives will soon get in touch with you.

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