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Being a multinational company with roots in Israel and a market in the US, BeatMed often finds itself enjoying the attention of the media from both US-based publications, as well as Israeli publishings.

Have a look at BeatMed's latest appearances in the Media.


Globes talks about BeatMed's special medical sales algorithm

 An Israeli publication presents the story of BeatMed and the main challenges the company had to face as it was only getting started. The article quotes Pine Gabrielli as he talks about the mixed responses BeatMed received just before launch, and the positive response it was offered right after launch.



Access the article (language: Hebrew)


Becker's reviews BeatMed's collaborative consumption model

Becker's nominated BeatMed among the most innovative startups in the US, referring to the company as "The Amazon of medical products for ASCs". In this article you can read Dr. Brian Polsky's quotes on how the internet technology can help ASCs reduce medical purchasing costs.


Access the article (language: English)

BeatMed products featured on for best price on surgical gloves

On users can find the best deals on a variety of products and, by using special promo codes, they can purchase items at discounted prices.'s products are featured in's Best Shopping Deals area. This emphasizes the high quality and low price of the products available on BeatMed.



To purchase the featured products (Motex Latex Surgical Gloves), click here

BeatMed's articles curated on is a news aggregator where you can find a diversified list of manually curated content. Due to the high quality of the articles published on's Blog, we have been featured on curators' News feeds 2 times so far.

The first mention was published on Medical Biochemistry, where BeatMed's Friday Tip about CCJR is relevant to the curator's audience of medical professionals.


BeatMed was also featured on YDM Daily News, a content curating blog that features content directed at FM/GP. The featured content is an interview with Venops CEO, MArk Maloney, on the topic of software evolution and data protection for the medical professionals.


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