BeatMed Return Policy, as of December 2014

BeatMed is committed to providing you with outstanding service, offering the best medical supplies, at the lowest prices.  
As part of our commitment to service, please review our return policy.  
In the event that your return circumstances do not align to this policy, please contact BeatMed’s Customer Service.  

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All returns must be authorized by BeatMed prior to receipt. Product must be returned within 90 day of purchase. Authorizations are valid for 30 days. Return goods authorizations (RGAs) may be arranged either phoning BeatMed’s Customer Service or by your sales representative.  Unauthorized returns may be returned to customer at customer’s expense, destroyed by BeatMed at BeatMed’s discretion, or subject to additional charges without credit being issued to customer. 

This policy applies to all customers unless superseded by a separate written agreement that includes specific return goods terms and conditions.

Return Procedure

After obtaining an RGA, each return must include the following information:

  • Customer’s name, address and account number.

  • RGA number.

  • Original PO number or original BeatMed order number.

  • Lot number and expiration dates where applicable.

Return Policy

Defective products are returnable with prior authorization. Non-defective products may be returned, provided customer has obtained prior authorization from BeatMed, if such products are in salable condition and suitable for restocking. Freight and restocking may apply as noted in the Restocking Fee Scheduled listed below. Product must be returned within 90 days of receipt.

The following conditions will not be considered for return.

  • Products purchased more than three months prior to return request.

  • Products considered hazardous materials.

  • Special or custom products made to customer specifications or sold as non-returnable, including but not limited to custom procedure packs / trays.  

  • Products returned in altered or damaged packaging, or in packaging other than original packaging.

  • Refrigerated items.

  • Packs broken, breached or damaged.

  • Items in unsalable units of measure where product cannot be resold.

  • Returns prohibited by state law*.

  • Pharmaceuticals labelled as non-returnable.

  • Products with less than 6 months shelf life remaining based on expiration dates.

  • Third party vendor products that require a vendor return authorization are subject to the vendor’s return policy and applicable fees.

  • Issuance of an RGA number does not guarantee credit. Credit issuance is dependent on confirmed receipt/review of returned products and is subject to the other terms of this policy.

*Each state has applicable laws, all returns are subject to approval of BeatMed Regulatory Affairs.

Damages or Shortages

In an effort to minimize any delay in resolving a damage or shortage claim, customer is required to count all receipts prior to customer’s acceptance of delivery from the carrier. All damages or shortages must be noted on the carrier’s freight bill or bill of lading and be countersigned by the customer. The damaged products must remain in the original carton, in the event inspection is required by the transportation company. Customer must notify BeatMed of any damages in transit or product shortages within two (2) business days of receipt, or BeatMed shall have no obligation to process credit or arrange for product replacement. Contact BeatMed’s Customer Service or your BeatMed sales representative to report damages or shortages.

Products Shipped in Error by BeatMed

Customer must notify BeatMed of any shipping errors or disputes within two (2) business days of receipt. Products shipped in error by BeatMed are freely returnable for full credit, provided that such returns are made within thirty (30) days of receipt.

Defective products

Defective product, properly noted damaged product and returns that are the result of a BeatMed error may be returned at BeatMed’s expense and for a full credit, subject to the other provisions of this policy.

Restocking Fee Schedule

Days after invoice

Re-stocking fee Percentage

0 – 30 Days

5% / $25 minimum + Freight

31 – 60 Days

10% / $25 minimum + Freight

61 – 90 Days

20% / $25 minimum + Freight

Greater than 90 days

Not returnable unless expressly approved prior to receipt.

Contact  your BeatMed sale representative for additional information.

Customer Service

Customer Service is available Mon – Friday between 7am to 5pm Eastern.

Inquiries outside of operating hours will be replied within the next business day.


Online chat via

Phone: (866) 999 1497 - or contact your BeatMed sales representative directly.  

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