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Your clients are already looking for you online. But they are currently buying from your competitors.

So what are you doing to ensure your business comes up when a potential client searches for your product online?

Registering with BeatMed is free

Through BeatMed you can showcase your products to a global market and connect with buyers online:

  • Listing products on beatmed is free.

  • Once registered, you can add your products and start selling as a manufacturer.

    • We dropship, so goods are delivered to your customers straight from your warehouse.

    • We can assist in setting you up with third party if needed.

  • Clients can contact you directly with questions about products, and you can assist them in the purchasing process.

  • You get access to a business analysis tool, insurance solutions and building custom trays

  • You can keep track of all your sales and inventory in the backend.

  • All products pages are indexed by Google and appear in search results.

We provide you with a valuable online avenue that opens up new sales channels for your particular product(s). BeatMed will only charge a transaction fee for products you SELL through our marketplace, not for products you ADD - so you can add as many products as you want.

To learn more about our fees, please visit our FAQ section.

As long as you are eligible to sell in the US as a medical manufacturer, there is NO reason not to sign up with BeatMed now.

Reach your true digital marketing potential with done-for-you solutions

Ecommerce is just a feature of BeatMed, not its core. Our main focus is ensuring that, once you added your products to the platform, you get a maximum ROI.

How do we achieve this? By listening to your feedback and incorporating into our platform all the solutions that can improve your business and ultimately help you sell more.

We worked with tens of manufacturers to optimize the medical sales cycle. This is how we created a unique marketing strategy centered around two main avenues:

  • A enhanced suite of solutions created specifically for medical manufacturers

  • Personalized digital marketing services for Premium Manufacturers

Together, they work as a powerful combo to build the trust of potential customers and help you close more deals, faster.

What is the suite of solutions you can tap into on BeatMed?

  1. Initial online business analysis: What are you currently doing to market your products online? How can you improve this process? In this initial analysis we take a look at your online presence and show you what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you need to do to improve the way your business looks and sells online. You can apply for this service for free below:
  2. Internal promotion: Bring your products to the attention of B2B and B2C audiences via our internal marketing solutions. Increase your brand awareness through email newsletters sent to a bespoke database that is directly interested in what you have to offer.
  3. Dedicated services: Get access to customized digital solutions for medical manufacturers such as the custom pack builder, the business value analysis service or the bespoke business insurance solutions we offer through our strategic collaborations with world-leading service providers.
  4. Transparent communication: We want communication to happen, so we continuously listen to your feedback. As a result, we are able to implement groundbreaking solutions into the platform, allowing you to make the most of your investment.
  5. Direct access to customer questions: One of the things that our premium manufacturers love about BeatMed is that we give you direct access to your clients. Clients can ask questions and get answers straight from the manufacturers, thus shortening the sales cycle and building trust in your brand.
  6. External marketing: We understand that marketing on BeatMed may not be enough to get your business in front of a growing audience. This is why we offer additional marketing services off-site, like media buying, press releases and online paid advertising.

Are you ready to change the way you sell your products online?

Our dedicated specialists are ready to learn more about your particular business needs and get you all set up to sell on BeatMed. Even better, if you have a specific need that you think could apply to more manufacturers, you can contact our team and we will start developing a solution for you.

Premium Manufacturer Digital Marketing Service

BeatMed’s Digital Marketing Service for Premium Manufacturers is created specifically for the online medical world.

What we’ve learned is that marketing a medical product online requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Your audience is not the regular shopping aficionado: they only purchase medical products because they have to. Very often they know exactly what they are looking for and if they don’t, they need professional customer assistance.

This is not something that a regular digital marketing service can offer.

With BeatMed’s digital marketing solutions it’s like having an in-house digital marketing team that specializes in the medical field AND possesses a set of skills that cover all areas of online marketing. Through our digital marketing strategy, weekly reports and monthly power sessions, you are guaranteed to receive a service that is fully customized to your specific needs.

The aim of this service is to give you an edge over your competitors and put you in the spotlight of potential leads.  What is more, it takes into account a holistic approach to digital marketing:

  • Product setup

  • Creating a unique brand guideline and brand voice

  • Social media marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Paid advertising

  • Reputation management

The Digital Marketing Service for Premium Manufacturers comprises three main steps:

  1. Setup: preparing your business to shine online

In this step we learn all about your business from inside out and create a strategy around your brand marketing that takes into account all areas of digital marketing: getting you set up on BeatMed, creating an online presence on social media, as well as setting up your dedicated brand website.

This is the most important step in getting your business ready for the digital world.

  1. Marketing: building a trusted online brand that engages your audience

In this phase we start to roll out content to promote your products online. You will be in direct touch with a project manager that will supervise all the activity on your account. Depending on the chosen strategy, our specialist copywriters, graphic designers and social media experts will create blog posts, interviews, email campaigns and social media content to engage your audience. We also take into account your online reputation management, including reviews, testimonials and customer quotes.

And because in today’s digital marketing environment nothing comes for free anymore, this phase also includes paid media advertising.

This is the most elaborate part of the entire process, where we continuously learn about your audience’s likes and dislikes, fears and frustrations.

  1. Optimization, learning and improvements

When you use this service you get access to weekly reports so you can put the results against your set KPIs. Once a month you will have a 1:1 power session with your dedicated project manager to discuss the reports: see what worked, what didn’t, and what steps you need to take to improve your results.

Create an account on BeatMed for free and start selling now

BeatMed brings your medical brand online to help you sell more, faster. If you are a medical manufacturer or medical supplier looking for more exposure, more brand awareness, increased brand trust and boosted profits, get started with BeatMed for free today.

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